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Black Diamond Equipment is a manufacturer of equipment for climbing, skiing, and mountain sports, based in Utah, United States. The company also has a global office in Innsbruck, Austria. The company is owned by Clarus Corporation, which also owns Pieps, ClimbOn! Skincare, and Sierra Bullets

A former sales representative shared this in a review, "Working at Black Diamond Equipment store was sometimes stressful at days, between co-workers and the boss."


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Sales and Marketing (Former Employee) says

"This was my dream job the first 10+ years I was there, as it was for many of my coworkers who had been there 20-30+ years. You rarely heard of anyone leaving or ever getting fired. However, that all changed after going public and being basically being bought up and controlled by a couple billionaire Wall Street types. They eventually weeded out the original management and employees that had spent their entire adult lives building that company and replaced them with their cronies, friends and family members. BD went from being an ethically responsible company with a goal of supporting the sports it served and protecting the wild places in which those sports happen, to an organization completely focused on benefitting the executives and BOD. Cons: everything else..."

Production Manager (Current Employee) says

"Strategic thinking and performance management were discouraged unless aligned with the current corporate mindset. Additionally, the business voiced its desire for process but then pushed back on it when introduced. Toxic environement."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Spent a lot of years helping to build this company only to have the CEO decide we couldn't be inovated enough to continue to manufacture quality equipment here in Salt Lake City for no good reason"

Forge Press Operator (Current Employee) says

"work hard be there every day get the production numbers keep the presses in the green . Give 110% and you get the same as a person that misses a lot of work and doesn't care . Why bust your butt trying to polish a rusty piece of pipe when its never going to shine . if you want more you work harder but when you work harder and get less its time to move on because companies that recognize a good employee show it . Cons: Work hard, Give 110%, and your paid the same as a person that doesnt care"

Manufacturing Operator II (Former Employee) says

"Working in the manufacturing facility was fulfilling, especially as a climber. Watching the process go from raw material to final product was truly rewarding. Staring out with Black Diamond was great; however it was short lived. Very quickly too much changed and it went from a fun work environment to the stringent corporate lifestyle that smells of greed."

Quality Control Inspector (Current Employee) says

"They'll hire anyone who walks through the door. Management is a joke, does not offer any kind of incentives. Talked down poorly on and to. They'll lay you off in the blink of an eye."

Production Lead (Former Employee) says

"Black Diamond hired me to change and update the production output and flow by bring in my experience. Yet this is not what happen they wanted someone to continue what they had in place."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"I didn't work there long. But they need a better system. I got put on a cnc machine and was willing to learn but they had no time to train me because of the shift change and only certain people could train me. I didnt like working after people that didnt care about there job as much as I did and do when I work. I work hard and take pride in my job that I am doing."

Packing and Shipping (Former Employee) says

"it's a good company to work for you first starting out if you looking for job advancement is not all that great of a place to work but it is steady work and it's a steady income Cons: management really didn't understand their personnel at times"

Robin says

"I paid for expedited shipping for trekking poles that I ordered prior to my hiking trip and then Black Diamond took several business days before shipping the poles out so they arrived after I had left for my trip. I requested a return authorization and returned the poles (I had to pay almost $20 out of pocket given the awkward size of the packaging) and the poles arrived back at their facility on October 1st but I have still yet to receive a refund. I contact customer service on October 15th to follow up and nobody responded to me so I called a week later and was told that someone would contact the receiving department to make sure the return arrived but nobody actually followed up. I called again today and received the same walk around answer. This is now over a month later and I have yet to receive a refund! Absolutely poor customer service. If you want to buy anything from Black Diamond, make sure you purchase it from a more reputable wholesaler like REI where you get great customer service, because Black Diamond's DTC business is absolutely horrendous."

Alexandra Mathysen-Gerst says

"order number EU00097954

I placed an order , never received it, called customer service and I was told someone would get back to me.
No one ever got back to me, I have still to date never received the order or received a refund.
I emailed customer service 5 times and called 3 times
(the phone hangs up after long holds)

Carol says

"I bought a Black Diamond Jetforce Saga avalanche backpack for a lot of money. Within six weeks huge holes appeared in the pockets that hold the essential components. I contacted Black Diamond who brushed the complaint aside and said it was wear and tear even though it was under warranty. Do not buy this bag as the fabric is inferior and the system is not interchangeable. I won't be buying Black Diamond again. There are other makes such as Arc'teryx and Mammut out there that honour their warranties."

hans deseure says

"I have trusted them with my life using their climbing products for years. Recent online experience makes me doubt they're worth that trust. They sent me a discount coupon that did not work. I mailed, and got told to place my order anyway, the discount would be applied afterwards. Guess what : after placing the order suddenly this was no longer true (one branch not taking ownership of a US promise). If you can not believe their words from a direct mail reply - do you want to believe anything else they claim ? For products that lives are going to depend on ?"

Sven Kunze says

"I bought hiking poles from this company. After first hiking trip the scales for the pole lengts dissapeared.

I wrote the company and described the problem with photos.
I never got an answer.
Very dissapointing!"

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